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Eashoa Msheekha (Jesus Christ) spoke Aramaic. Of course, this was two thousand years ago! The language has evolved and today it is like old English; it sounds different. The Ancient Church of the East, that emerged out of Jerusalem at the end of the Apostolic Age, referred to it as Leeshana Ateeqah or the 'old tongue.' I call it Ancient Aramaic. It is still used in the liturgy of the Eastern Churches. It is sung during Mass. There are some clergy that know how to read it. It comes in many dialects of the Middle East and Africa, of the Eastern Churches, and of the Orthodox churches of some Eastern European countries. Nobody speaks this language anymore -- not the ancient form of it. Those who claim to speak Aramaic, are only speaking modern derivatives of the language, just as nobody speaks Old English or even Middle English anymore. Nobody speaks Koine Greek, Old Norse, or Old German, and so on. These languages have all evolved. And so today one also finds Hebrew and Aramaic spoken by millions of people in the Middle East, but these are modern versions of the language. The roots of many words are the same, however, and the old form can be learned. This I have done, so I can read the Scriptures and translate them faithfully. Actually, the Scriptures have preserved the Ancient Aramaic language, and the language has preserved the Scriptures.

I started translating the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures in the last century, the year was 1995 when I actually posted my first translations online. The Internet was new and I had the first new Aramaic translation of the Bible online. In the last twenty years, there have appeared many websites about the Bible and the Aramaic language. Now that we are in the 21st Century, everything has changed. All the websites and web pages about the subject of the Bible, the Scriptures and the Aramaic language, have some misinformation in them; nevertheless, my translations of the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures have been completely swept aside. I really don't know what has happened, but I have to say that my translations of the Scriptures are authentic and accurate. Below you will find the links to all the New Testament and some of the Books of the Old Testament that I have translated. I have videos, audios and articles. I have a movie project, the STORY OF JESUS, posted online. I'm looking for supporters to be able to make this movie based on the truth of the Scriptures. You would think that having the only accurate translation of the Scriptures would make it easy, but it isn't, so I need you to review my project, and please do read my translations and compare them to the other Bibles you're familiar with. Let me know, because I want to improve my presentation of the authentic Scriptures from the only surviving Apostolic Church in the world, the Ancient Church of the East that began in Jerusalem and now has been completely driven out of Mesopotamia and the Middle East. More about this translation project.

July 23, 2014

Aramaic Scriptures: Matthew | Mark | Luke | John | Acts of the Apostles | Letters of the Apostles | Revelation

OT links: Genesis |Exodus | Isaiah | Daniel | Jonah | Jeremiah | Zechariah | Malachi | Qohlat (Ecclesiastics) | Proverbs | Psalm 1 | Psalm 22

Links: Lord's Prayer | Audio | Video | Ancient Aramaic  Church (AAC) | STORY OF JESUS the movie

Notes: Original Project Proposal - 1995 | Translator Notes 2014 | Translator Notes 2013-14

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Aramaic New Testament editions
Aramaic New Testament editions
Aramaic Old Testament Books

[Aramaic New Testament cover]The Aramaic New Testament is the traditional English language terminology edition of my translation with footnotes, 516 pages, 5.5x8.5x1.3 inches paperback, font size 11. ($50 includes shipping)

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Vic Alexander, translator
827 Hollywood Way #70
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$50 (includes shipping)

Aramaic Bible Disciples New Testament.

This edition is identical to the first one on this page, the traditional Aramaic New Testament, except it comes in size 12 font.  It is a 608 page. It is also a paperback edition. $65 (includes shipping.)

To order by check or money order, the address is above.

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($65 includes shipping)

The Disciples New Testament, the American Edition.

This is the first edition of my New Testament translations. There are no chapter or verse numbers. This way it is easier to read the Text without the interruptions of the numbering system. The original Scriptures did not have numbers. Also, there are no footnotes. The footnotes are incorporated into the Text. This is an idiomatic translation. It is 484 pages. It maintains all the names of the English language tradition. Font size is 11pts. $55 (includes shipping.)

Click here to see sample page.

Click here to read excerpts from this edition.

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($55 includes shipping)

[Aramaic Scripture book cover]The Aramaic Scripture is another edition of my New Testament translations from the Ancient Aramaic. It retains the name of Eashoa Msheekha from the original Ancient Aramaic Text. It uses the name of Maran Eashoa Msheekha (our Lord Jesus Christ). It uses the word Allaha for God; and it introduces the Aramaic designation Maryah for Lord.

It is 628 pages, 5.5 by 8.5 inches, font size is 12 pt. It has all the footnotes.

You can order by check or money order through regular mail (address on top of this page) or click on "Buy Now" and pay via PayPal using your credit card or electronic check.

($40 includes shipping in the US)

There is a hardcover edition of the Aramaic Bible: Disciples New Testament. Click here to order it.

Book of Isaiah
The Book of Isaiah is like a Bible within the Bible. It is a complete Scripture. It is perhaps the greatest work of poetry in all the Bible. It clearly prophesies about Maryah Allaha (the Lord God) and about Maran Eashoa Msheekha (Our Lord Jesus the Messiah). Now you can buy it via PayPal

($40 includes shipping)

or by check or money order (see the address on top.)

[Book of Jeremiah]Jeremiah
This is a translation of the Book of Jeremiah the Prophet of the Old Testament from the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures of the Ancient Church of the East. This is a very significant prophetic Book of the Scriptures. Jeremiah is the other half of the story of the preparation of the Nation of Israel for the Coming of the Messiah. ($30 includes shipping)

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(includes shipping)

[Book of Genesis]

The Book of Genesis or "Creation" in English -- This is a fresh translation into English from the original Ancient Aramaic sources. Commentaries and footnotes included. $45 (includes shipping.)

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(includes shipping)

[Book of Exodus]

The Book of Exodus should have been called "Liberation," because that is what God did for the Israelites, He liberated them from slavery. Again, this Book has been translated from the Ancient Aramaic original sources. There are footnotes. $40 (includes shipping.)

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(includes shipping)

[Daniel, Jonah, Zechariah, Malachi]
Daniel, Jonah, Zechariah, Malachi
These are four of the Books of the Old Testament which are printed together in one book. $35 (includes shipping.)

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